“All you need is love … and a dog”

Everybody knows my weakness towards Dogs.Back in Beirut I owned my first Yorkshire  Puppy and I named him “PLUTO “, Pluto taught me a very good lesson ,how to take the ownership and being responsible, dogs are not toys to play with , they are babies that we should raise , give love and care to . Its a huge training for you before having your own life and babies in the future.It was super hard for me to take care of him, with my university and my job thats why I lost him !! But he was definitely my first love …

Then I moved to  Dubai, the first thing I thought about before even a new bag or a new car was its time to get a puppy! Made a lot of researches to find  a suitable puppy for my apartment for my work hours and i finally made up my mind of getting a teacup Pomeranian Male Puppy.

AND …. I DID IT !! He honestly gives me love when i feel lonely, care when I’m sick and lots of joy and attention every single minute . But what to name him?? I wanted something short, funny , cute and describes me and him… I ended up with ” MICKEY”






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