The must haves for this winter!

Hello Lovely People,

Winter is already here, had a lot of requests for some shopping guidness and some outfit inspiration , finally I had some time to write and even discuss ….Will be revealing something very exciting soon that I really can’t wait to share it with you …

I know how hard is it sometimes to put an outfit together and I know how an outfit or our appearance in general is the main factor that decides our mood for the day… When I turn out to be with a Bun , no makeup and a v-neck t-shirt paired with comfy wide pants , you should know Im in that stage were I need rest, I need to talk and I’m a bit down and tired….. Believe it or not our outfit reflects our mood …

Lets get back to my 5 must haves for this season that will change your whole closet and outfit, it allows you to play around as much as you can.

1-SOCKS …Socks …and yeah socks ….

Play around with socks , it was a huge focus on all latest Runways by very big brands such as Balenciaga, Chanel, fendi and Burberry. You don’t have to go and buy fancy socks or luxury ones .. I would recommend @calzedonia ,its the best destination for socks and tights …

2- TARTANS baby !!

I don’t know what do you think but I’m so glad this trend is back , I love tartans ! especially in winter, it really adds a touch to your look and your wardrobe , this season tartans where everywhere on all Runways and on all windows where ever you turn… you definitely need a tartan pants or a scarf or even a coat …. this is a must !! where? you can start from @Zara going to @balenciaga and @CHANEL .


3- Who’s said SUITS are boring ??

OK ladies, Suit it up ! This trend is one of the best trends for this winter … dress it up or down and you’ll  be ready for either a night-out with the girls or a dress-to-impress kind of meeting !  A suit needs a twist to loose its serious attitude, it can be a different cut  in the pants , or just wear a simple v-neck t-shirt to add a cool layback kind of look , or simply a cropped top or even some crazy shinny accessories.

4- Belt -bags?? !

Its a big focus for this year in general. And I personally love it… The best seller was the Gucci belt bag that I think everyone has now. The collaboration that LV and Supreme did was amazing as well . This trend will finish soon but we can enjoy it now !!

5- Going really Short !! 

Its cool, fun and definitely stylish but can you  just do it ?? lately all celebrities and influencers and bloggers surprised their fans and all people with their new hair cuts.  who else did cut his hair this season ?? Regardless the colour… Short hair is a huge trend .. would you do it ?? I can’t 😦





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