Hey!! Welcome to my blog!

ROUR by RM is a mini window into this major world of Fashion, Travel and lifestyle. It will bring a little bit of new to your closets and help you stay in touch with le “monde de la mode”. Some tips, advice and a journey all over the world. Enjoy and Keep updated.

Rana Moussa was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon and recently moved to Dubai. A fashion Advisor, Stylist  and (of course) blogger. Worked for almost 8 years in the fashion industry with great brands such as Issey Miyake, Alberta Ferretti,Comme des Garçons …and recently moved to one of the biggest global brands “Burberry”.

Some people call her a “dreamer “some “Persistent”. Being a gemeni definitely makes her moody, fun and crazy.Her passion for fashion started when she was very young. Stealing her mom’s clothes and never following school uniform guidelines was part of a normal day. Her parents worked in fashion industry all their lives, studied fabrics, silhouette cuts and styles which inspired her, changed her and made her fall in love with fashion.