My top 3 beauty Salons In Dubai πŸ’…πŸ’‡

Hello Guys,

I had alot of requests asking about my favorite Beauty Salons In Dubai. But it depends on services ..for me … I like to do my hair in a place then my nails somewhere else ..

Nails πŸ’…:

1- The Nail Spa @thenailspa_me

I really love this place, super professional Β  Β And they have amazing therapists. My favorite branch is Jumierah. Their Nail art is lovely. Their price ranges are regular comparing to others as well. You can choose your therapist as well every time you wana book an appointment. Interior is amazing, so fresh and relaxing. I love their shoulder massage as well that they can do while you are doing your nails.


2-Bellefemme @bellefemmedubai

Bellefemme is the place to do everything, from nails to massage to hair .. they are simply amazing!! Their staff are super nice and their interior is relaxing … A place you love to be pampered at!!


3-Tips and Toes @tipsandtoesme

I tried tips and toes twice , its my best friend’s favourite place , I liked the place my only problem was its not near my house.. Jumeirah BRANCH and Al Barcha are great ! BUT their Moroccan Bath is to die for!! Go and book today !



Im someone who is very picky when it comes to my hair …and I don’t take risks at all.. But I can go to only three places to do my hair or my hair colour …. There is no order … my Favourite three are :

1-@Lalodge_uae …AMAZING STAFF you literally feel like home … very proffesional … and they definitely know how to gain a client ..I was helped by one super nice guy called Yazan ! They have MEN’S section as well… why not spend pampering time with your husband ??


2- @Bellefemmedubai … Bay Square branch is my favourite … but this place is a perfect place for literally everything , their blow-dry, colours, nails… and they have home service as well.. &every Monday 30% off .


3- @Tipsandtoesme…I honestly didn’t try colours but I fell in love with my hair cut and the hair treatment the lady did for me …. other than that tips and toes is the first destination i think about when i need to have a moroccan bath or massage .

Hope this article was usefulΒ 




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