FullSizeRender-12The Burberry cape has a rich heritage dating back to the 19th century. Like our trench coat it was introduced to protect, but has evolved
to become much more. For the February 2017 collection we connected the sculptural forms and found objects of Henry Moore with the idea
of a cape silhouetting the shoulders. The outcome is 78 individual designs, each one a unique collector’s piece incorporating unexpected materials and intricate techniques that reflect the passion and artistry of our makers.”


A symbol of protection since the 1880s, the Burberry cape finds a new expression at Burberry’s London atelier, using unique constructions and referencing the spirit of the Burberry archive.
Inspired by the scale and form of Henry Moore’s elemental sculptures, each of the 78 limited-edition couture capes is handmade.

You can visit the Exhibition in Dubai from the 2nd of May till the 7th of May in Alserkal Avenue , AL Quoz. You will also have the chance to purchase those art pieces of capes.


“Cape Reimagined Exhibition ” Alserkal Avenue, Dubai


The Blacksmith” created by the Artist Lucy Sandys Clark, one of the 20 remaining Blacksmiths in England. Solid steel is beaten, moulded and embellished by the Blacksmith.



The Sculpted Shoulder”

The Tile”

The scalloped lace”


The Looking Glass” More than 170 reclaimed looking glasses are hand sewn onto

metallic paillettes embroidery, a reference to Henry Moore’s use of found objects.


One of my favourite personally, “The Glass Work”, A structured cape adorned with reclaimed chandelier glass pieces, reinforced with horsehair canvas and boning, taking more than 80 hours to make.



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