GUCCI SS17…”The 70s Nightclub”


It feels like being in a movie set. From colours, to patterns to those oversized eye-glasses and remarkable beaded shoes…We are in a simulacrum of a ’70s nightclub or—given the boudoir-pink velvet banquettes, mirrors, and miles of matching carpet—maybe it’s a high-class pick-up joint.

Alessandro Michele left us in awe again. His magic lanterns walked the runway and left us in wonder. Milan Fashion Week kicked off with an incredible show. Im personally in love with the new shoes and the fact that it can be worn 3 different way from  a flat ballerina, to high wedge sandales and the combination of both as shown in one of the pictures I chose,You would be rewarded by looking at the gigantically platformed footwear, and learning that Renaissance Venice also comes into it. Before the show, Michele knelt and picked up one example with a black patent 5-inch wedge and a black velvet upper, which was embroidered with a gold snake. “Prostitutes in Venice used to wear these,” he exclaimed…I loved the series of print created in collaboration with the artist Jayde Fish who reinterpreted some of the Michele’s favorite elements on silk blouses and skirts. Personally, I found the metallic suits extremely interesting!!

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